In The Easton Approach, we dive deep into the mind and desires of high-net-worth clients… as well as how to shift your brand to appeal to them.

You’ll receive all of the cheat sheets, best practices, and resources we use in working with affluent clients. And you’ll see exactly how we sell and use our client touchpoints to turn our happy, thrilled couples into referral-generating machines.

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Once you have an idea of your ideal client in mind, put yourself in their shoes. Think about what factors they are looking for in a planner.

Perhaps they are more interested in finding a planner with a network of creative partners rather than someone with in-house offerings.

Maybe they want someone who truly understands their vision and will craft a fully custom event — rather than one known for lavish, celebrity-style affairs.

Once you have an understanding of what they’re looking for — and where your brand meets them — you can begin to curate your portfolio, client experience, and communication approach to attract (and then book!) them.

Practice the art of client curation: choosing the clients that are right for you based on their personalities, style, and financial fit.

By aligning your approach to intentionally appeal to them—and resisting the urge to accept anything else that comes your way — you make space for more of your dream opportunities in the future.

Align Your Brand To Appeal Your Ideal Client

You must make your clients feel comfortable handing you a large budget, which means being confident about money.

To elevate to the ultra-luxury level, your clients must have the budgets that allow you to deliver at that level.

Determine what your minimum budget is — and resist the urge to accept anything below this. The only exceptions would be if taking a financial hit would allow you to fill a gap in your portfolio or to break into a market you desire.

So, outline what a financial fit looks like for you:

  • What is their budget?
  • What is their money mindset?
  • How do they spend their money in their personal lives?
  • What makes them feel something is “money well spent”?

The money aspect can be uncomfortable to discuss — but it absolutely must be considered if you want to break into the ultra-luxury market.

Financial Fit

Magic happens when you align your brand style with your clients’ style. It becomes an absolute no-brainer to work together — and allows you to command premium prices.

  • What couples in your client list best exemplify the style you want to be known for?
  • How would you describe their style?
  • What is most important to them when planning a wedding—the location, guest experience, décor, or food?
  • What does their dream wedding look like?

Take a look at the work you are most proud of—the work that best represents where you want your brand to go — and identify what makes that work so special.

Style Fit

Remember, you will be spending a year or more (most likely) with these clients — make sure they’re the ones with whom you want to spend your time.

  • What kind of life do they lead?
  • What adjectives best illustrate their personality traits as a couple?
  • What are their priorities in life?
  • What words would their friends and family use to describe them?

I’ve found my most successful weddings are those planned alongside wonderful families. They are kind, open-minded with our creative partners, and lead busy lives as directors or executives in their professional lives.

These clients leave me inspired after each meeting and eager to produce a spectacular celebration that exceeds all expectations.

Now imagine your ideal client: 

Personality Fit

Getting clear on your ideal client is how you build a brand that commands the budgets you desire… and delivers the portfolio that attracts them over and over again.

The easiest way to identify which clients are for you versus those that may be better off with a different planner is to establish what about your previous clients worked and what didn’t.

Think about the clients and projects you loved the best. What made them so incredible? What would you like to attract more of?

Now, think about the projects you least loved. What would you have done differently knowing what you know now?

How to Identify Your Ideal Client

When working in the luxury wedding market, you can sign on the dotted line with just about any interested client…

But for those hoping to make the leap into ultra-luxury, it’s imperative to become more selective with the clients you add to your roster.

Not only are the clients you select a matter of suitability—both personally and financially—but they determine the caliber of events you produce.

We intentionally curate our client list. To infiltrate the ultra-luxury market means you stop taking whoever can pay you… and being selective of who you want to represent your brand.