In The Easton Approach, we go beyond just finding the right creative partners – we dive deep into building rock-solid relationships with them through effective communication techniques, detailed timelines and checklists, and exceptional behind-the-scenes care.

You'll apply our proven system for identifying vendors that share your standards of excellence, streamlining collaboration to execute flawless events, and nurturing partnerships that elevate your business through consistent word-of-mouth referrals.

When you know how to leverage vendor relationships, you can confidently rely on them to overdeliver each and every time.

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Word of mouth can be the most powerful tool for building trust and a thriving business. Let your current network know what you’re looking for and if they have any personal recommendations.

Pay attention when the same names come up repeatedly and look out for enthusiastic endorsements.

And be sure to ask specific questions—for example, if you value a high-touch, team player mentality, find out how this vendor shows up on the job. Are they a clock puncher who only does what’s contracted, or are they someone who jumps in to help where needed, ensuring the success of the overall event?

Finding the right creative partners to help you reach the next level is not just about talent and output—it’s about enjoying the experience every step of the way!

Once you have these relationships in place, be sure to nurture them! After all, the goal is to create a long-term partnership that yields career-changing results… not just book someone for your next event.

Building and maintaining a solid network of vendor partners is crucial in executing successful Ultra-Luxury weddings and events. By selecting the right partners and nurturing these relationships, you'll position your business for optimal success.

Step 3: Rely on Recommendations and Referrals.

It’s worth saying that it’s not enough to just be in the right rooms. The goal in attending is to foster genuine connections with like-minded professionals that may turn into win-win partnerships down the road.

Expand your business reach and foster valuable connections with like-minded professionals within the industry.

Be proactive about attending industry events and conferences to expand your professional circle. For instance, Engage! is one of the premier summits for the luxury wedding and event industry. This is one of the best places we’ve found to find new talent and build brand-elevating connections.

Another one we love is Emergence. This is where luxury wedding professionals come together for exclusive networking and educational opportunities. In fact, we love it so much, we immediately said “yes” to holding the Summer 2023 event at our very own Pippin Hill in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Step 2: Network, Network, Network!

Remember, the vendors you align yourself with become a reflection of you, so partner with ones who can help amplify what you’re doing in order to accomplish your goals.

Ensure vendors align with your business vision and the quality of work you aim to deliver. Review their portfolios, look at their client lists, and notice how they show up in their business.

For example:
  • Do the clientele they showcase align with those you currently work with or the future ideal client you wish to attract?
  • Do the planners and other creative partners they work with align with your brand?
  • Are they published in the same publications you are—or the ones you desire to be in?
  • Do they appropriately share credit on social media?
  • Do they have a good reputation in the industry?

Step 1: Do Your Research.

Crafting a solid vendor network and fostering quality connections can change the trajectory of your career, as it did mine. Collaborating with the incredibly talented Jose Villa on a wedding proved to be a pivotal moment – it resulted in a stunning eight-page feature in Martha Stewart.

Getting published was the key to getting the word out about our brand, so we strategically leveraged Jose's exceptional talent and beautiful work. We have since forged a lovely strategic partnership and personal relationship… and the rest is history!

When deciding who to partner with, setting clear expectations is essential.

We like to work with teams that are flexible, reliable, and generous, and we're always looking for vendor partners who have each other's backs as well as ours. Your vendor partners serve as a reflection of your business, and they should mirror your values and work ethic.

Ultimately, you want a true partner in your business rather than someone who creates more work for you.

So how exactly do you build a creative partner network that elevates your brand?


In the world of Ultra-Luxury event planning, partnering with the right vendors is the key to executing unforgettable events.

The success of your event is significantly impacted by your vendor partners, who help you turn dreams into reality and protect and uphold your reputation.

It may come as a surprise, but vendor partners are often more important than clients – after all, you may only work with a client once, but you'll work with your vendor partners over and over again.